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Why D E Ford?

D E Ford Insurance Brokers Ltd is one of the largest Chartered independent Insurance Brokers in the UK and has acquired over 35 years experience within the religious, charity and commercial sectors. Specialising in both the insurance and risk management requirements of a great number of large organisations and well-known businesses throughout the UK, our customer’s requirements are always at the forefront of what we do. D E Ford has acquired great experience throughout every aspect of the insurance sector, and it is the D E Ford employee’s professional knowledge and dedicated expertise that provides them with a comprehensive overview of what constitutes an effective insurance service.


Insurance Broker Services

Established in1976, D E Ford has provided professional customer care and insurance solutions to a wide range of clients. Specialist teams have a wealth of knowledge on the insurance requirements needed for our commercial and general insurance clients, religious orders, charities, care homes, hospices and not-for-profit organisations.

D E Ford was one of the first Chartered Insurance Brokers in the UK to be granted chartered status by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). Since then our employees have continually satisfied comprehensive qualification criteria and subscribed to the membership conditions as set by the CII to ensure that every member of staff is fully qualified for the benefit of our clients.

D E Ford has expanded every aspect of its business to work with over 1200 commercial clients, over 1000 religious communities and organisations and over 850 charities, care homes, hospices and refuges. Our extensive portfolio of clients are situated throughout the UK.

Producing bespoke packages and tailored solutions; D E Ford has grown to become one of the largest independent brokers in the UK catering for a range of commercial and non-commercial clients and are continually looking at new and innovative markets in which we can continue to offer an unparalleled service.


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Ford Risk Management 

Ford Risk Management has been providing quality service to their clients for over 11 years and can count on a number of dedicated risk management professionals to work with them to provide the necessary resources, guidance, advice and service in a straight forward and easy to understand way. Ford Risk Management specialise in a number of areas of risk management and health and safety, and can provide you with a number of tools and training to benefit your organisation.

Our specialists have a wealth of experience dealing with a variety of businesses, previously working as Health and Safety Managers for large organisations as well as local government.

Their experience includes a thorough knowledge of the care, education, religious, manufacturing, engineering, logistics, warehousing and retail sectors. Furthermore, their Health and Safety knowledge also extends to fire safety and business continuity planning.

Ford Risk Management's in-house trainers are approved by the CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health). We can also provide non accredited short safety awareness briefings for groups of people.

Many Health and Safety Consultancy services leave you with a huge volume of paperwork to fight your way through; our approach is tailored to your specific business needs. After identifying the primary issues affecting your business, we will work closely with you to successfully integrate procedures and solutions to benefit your organisation.

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