D E Ford has combined its efforts with two other local organisations to win an Aviva Community Award for York University’s Prof. Maitland’s research into prostate cancer.

D E Ford Insurance Brokers in association with the York Vikings Rotary Club and Simpson (York) Ltd took up the challenge in April to produce a video and gain votes to help Prof. Maitland and his team in their research to find an effective treatment for prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer statistics are alarming and this disease has a major impact on men both locally and nationally.  Not all prostate cancers will prove fatal, however research is needed to be able to distinguish the deadly ‘tiger’ cancers from the ‘pussycats’ so that an appropriate long term treatment can be developed.

The York Vikings Rotary Club learned about Norman Maitland’s research due to a number of their members having been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Using Facebook, YouTube and an email campaign the ‘York Vikings against Prostate Cancer’ community project gained over 8000 votes.

The £10k Aviva award which has been generously matched by York Vikings Rotary, will provide Prof. Maitland and his team with the funds they need to upgrade their current microscope with a new lens and filter cubes together with a high resolution colour camera and software to interpret the digital images it produces.  This equipment is essential to the scientists’ research into tumour stem cells and how they develop.

Chris Greenall, Managing Director of D E Ford commented; “It has been a privilege to meet Prof. Maitland and learn about the inspirational work both he and his team do.  Having this worldwide renowned scientist on our doorstep, performing cutting edge research is something the York community should be proud of”.

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