The recent referendum result has understandably focused many business leaders’ minds on the potential consequences of our departure from the European Union.

Europe is, of course, amongst our largest trading partners and many businesses, large and small, export and import their goods and/or services to or from the continent.

There’s also an increasing trend for businesses to go one step further and establish an office or a storage depot overseas.

As part of this process the formation of a local company in that country may sometimes be needed or may be advantageous. It is important that businesses maintain a close eye on developments. At the moment, many UK insurers provide cover within the EU via the Freedom of Services agreement (a reciprocal agreement allowing insurers based in EU countries to provide insurance cover to businesses located in other member country), but this (amongst many others) may not be applicable in years to come.

Ensuring a Policy Holder is fully insured for their non UK activities can be a complex undertaking. Insurance markets have largely evolved separately across the countries which make up the EU and you need to understand the often confusing and contradictory issues to ensure that there are no gaps in insurances arrangements.

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