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With the 5th November fast approaching, now is the time of year to start thinking about the possible pitfalls and consequences associated with co-ordinating a Bonfire or fireworks display.

The information contained within news article highlights our top 12 questions to ask yourself as an organiser to ensure you keep everyone safe this Bonfire night. We also touch on possible insurance considerations to help you avoid property damage, EL and PL claims in addition to providing useful links to dedicated Health and Safety organisations.
Top 12 Bonfire & Firework Organiser Questions

1: Do you know the land where the event is taking place and the surroundings (including owners of livestock, horses and other animals/pets) that could be affected?

2: Is the event taking place on a clear wind-free night. If not is it safe to proceed?

3: Are you in control of attendance numbers and their movements on site?

4: Do you know the people who will attend?

5: Will guests unfamiliar with the site be marshalled effectively?

6: Is the firework display / bonfire being organised by an experienced third party?

7: Is the organiser appropriately insured?

8: Is the organiser experienced with regard the size and location of the event?

9: If they have insurance are they adequatly protected?

10: Have you notified your insurer?

11: Have you notified the Emergency Services?

12: Has a risk assessment been carried out?
Key Insurance Issues

Ensure the event is organised by an experienced person, or specialist company (preferably a member of the British Pyrotechnists Association).

Ensure that spectators and property are seperated from the fireworks and bonfire by an appropriate distance

Ensure that planning has taken into account the possibility of adverse weather conditions (i.e wind / fog) and the consequences of smoke drift from the bonfire / firework display, particularly if near a major road or motorway.

If there is any storage of fireworks prior to the display, arrangements are appropriate for the possible fire risk.

That the organiser has the correct licence. An explosives licence/registration certificate may be required concerning fireworks storage (requirement MSER – clients can check with their local authority)

For more information visit:
The Health and Safety Executive website

The Gov.UK website – Firework Safety Page

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