Most, if not all, businesses ensure they have the correct insurance to protect their property, machinery, fleet etc, but what do you have in place for protecting one of the most important cogs in the wheel; your employees?

I’m not just talking about cost effective life cover that would support a young family in the event of a terminal disaster with one of your colleagues, but how about providing an income for long term sickness or the best healthcare around to get your people on their feet and productive and back to work again at the earliest opportunity?

One industry guy asked me many moons ago: “If you had a cash machine at home that paid the bills, covered the family holiday, ran the car and paid for your wine and beers, wouldn’t you want to insure it against failure or breakdown?

“Think of that cash machine as your employees, your partner, yourself, and make sure they are all covered in the event of a disaster so you can protect what is most important to you, your lifestyle and your business.”

Jason Crowther is Senior Employee Benefit Consultant at D E Ford Insurance Brokers. Commercial and Charity Insurance specialists. (PIB Group Ltd)

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