Among our many clients is a beauty therapist who is heavily reliant on a vast array of highly technical equipment to carry out its day-to-day business. This includes a sophisticated laser hair removal machine which is used daily for many of their long-standing customers.

Unfortunately when our client’s laser hair removal machine recently suffered a mechanical breakdown, chaos ensued and appointments were cancelled leaving customers unable to benefit from their treatment as arranged. Given the importance of such treatment and the machine’s potential replacement value of around £50,000, our client was in desperate need of establishing cover under their policy and getting the machine back in use as soon as possible.

Given the knowledge of this client’s business and the potential risks it may face, D E Ford had arranged machinery equipment breakdown cover under a commercial shopkeeper’s policy. The loss adjuster visited the very next day. D E Ford had also secured business interruption cover under the policy which meant that any lost business suffered by the beauty therapist would be paid for by Insurers and not leave the client out of pocket. Disruption and losses to our client were kept to an absolute minimum and a swift resolution was reached to a “hair raising” situation.

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