It can be quite common amongst our clients who have large vehicles on their fleet to receive vague allegations that an “unknown item” has fallen from a vehicle and collided with another vehicle behind. Sometimes this is even when our client’s vehicle wasn’t in the area… It would appear they may be performing magic tricks!

One particular case involved an insurance company receiving an allegation that an object had fallen from our client’s wagon and hit a car travelling nearby. Neither the exact location was provided nor was a time of day nor the registration number, which is odd for such a seemingly dramatic event.

Our client was absolutely sure that no such incident had taken place, therefore the insurance company could strongly reject any allegations, request further detail and of course prove that our client’s wagon was involved.

Nothing was forthcoming, no photos, no nothing… It was unthinkable to even consider the claim on the basis of the scant information supplied and the insurance company firmly upheld their position. Not unsurprisingly, the claim didn’t progress and was withdrawn on the basis that no evidence existed to prove our client’s involvement.

At D E Ford we will always defend our client’s position until firm evidence can be supplied to prove otherwise. For more information visit our Claims page.

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