Nigel didn’t always leave his bike in the same cycle shed at work and whilst he was pretty certain he had left it in the right hand one, it wasn’t there now.

Doubt crept into his mind alongside hope that it hadn’t really been stolen but he’d just left it in another rack. He checked the remaining racks, all hope disappeared. Just one more place to check.


“Hi Paul, it’s Nigel. I can’t find my bike. Would you be able to look at the CCTV footage for me?”

“No problem. Which rack did you leave it in?”

“The right hand one I think”

“Just checking now. When did you leave it there?”

“This morning”.

“Black and grey, right hand rack?”

“Yes, sounds like mine”

“I’m sorry I’ve got an image of a man crouching by the side of your bike around 14:50:20 and then cycling out of the main gate at 14:50:42”.

“Any means of identifying him?”

“Not from the footage. He’s wearing a cycle helmet and sunglasses. Probably aware of the cameras. Sorry Nigel, doubt you will see your bike again.”

“Thanks anyway.  I’ll report the claim to my Brokers”.  

Fortunately Nigel’s home insurance policy provided cover for the bike including the fittings for his son’s seat and Nigel’s bicycle computer. Within a few days of reporting the claim on D E Ford’s dedicated claims line Nigel’s claim was settled and he was happily cycling to work again, his computer tracking his average and maximum speed, distance, calories burned…

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