D E Ford placed the household insurance for one of our High Net Worth clients with a leading insurer who has a faultless reputation when handling claims. This is now proving to be invaluable to the client as they have very recently had to make a claim on their policy

Unfortunately due to the very heavy rain over a weekend at the beginning of September, the drains were unable to cope with the vast amounts of rain water. This resulted in their basement being flooded, a small electrical fire and the water subsequently destroying the electrics on their boiler and washing machine.

The insured contacted us first thing on the Monday morning to report the incident. Immediately following this conversation, D E Ford contacted the insurer to register the claim and the Insurer agreed to call the insured straight away to advise them of what they needed to do. The insurers didn’t insist on the completion of complex claims forms and merely wanted a report from their plumber/electrician confirming that the boiler and the washing machine is beyond repair, together with a quote for its replacement.

It couldn’t have been easier for the distressed client. The insurer also said that If any other contents fail to respond to drying they would need a list with a note of each items and its replacement value.

D E Ford is monitoring progress of the claim closely and liaising with both the Insurer and Policyholder to ensure a quick and satisfactory resolution to the settlement of this claim.

We can confirm that the policyholder is delighted with the service

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