A young university student, working in the summer break at one of our clients premises, was injured on site by falling machinery. He suffered a serious injury, a broken leg which would likely delay his return to academia.
D E Ford ensured that insurers intervened early to appoint a rehabilitation expert so that treatment could start at the earliest opportunity and maximise the chances of success. As part of the insurance claim, provision was made for the student, returning to university, to be collected by taxi and taken to his local gymnasium in order that he could use the equipment under the instruction of a physiotherapist and aid his recovery.

As a result no formal civil claim was ever made against our client, the student recovered in full and he continued with his studies. Our client was relieved that the situation as handed so well by D E Ford and the insurers as it managed to avoid any personal injury claim, HSE prosecution and any resulting adverse publicity.

Statistics show that nearly 25% of people who are injured will be off work for more than one week as a result of a work place accident. Yet rehabilitation shows the injured party that they are being fully supported by his employers and a proactive approach will have them returning to work sooner, thereby reducing the potential for a claim to be made.

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