With increased road users come increased road incidents. Whether clients have small or large fleets, drivers especially on the motorway can be prone to the odd bump or two. With premiums on the rise drivers may also not like to admit to causing an incident. We at D E Ford always endeavour to get the best results for our clients and any assistance is  greatly received.

Regarding a recent motor incident involving a German lorry, due to a language barrier the third party was unable to provide his insurance details and initial efforts to identify the third party insurers proved fruitless. Luckily our client had taken photos not only of the driver but the logo on the lorry. I was then able to use my sleuthing skills to locate the company in Germany who then informed us of their insurers enabling us to deal with the claim.

Taking photographs helps in numerous ways; it can confirm the involvement of ‘forgetful’ third parties and counter injury claims from phantom passengers.

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