Late one evening, the neighbour of one of our policyholders decided to carry out some heavy duty garden maintenance, this involved the attempted felling of two trees within the boundaries of our policyholder’s land, which the neighbour believed to be causing satellite signal issues. 

The neighbour appeared to believe that the removal of two trees would vastly improve his signal and therefore proceeded to chop down the trees!

Before they were able to complete the job, they either became tired or were disturbed, as our client found two part-felled trees the following morning.

Fortunately, our client had an all risks commercial combined property policy in force and D E Ford’s were able to identify cover under a special condition, as the trees may have been an immediate threat to the safety of life should they have fallen of their own accord. This enabled insurers to meet the cost of professionally removing the trees, as opposed to the policy holder not only losing his trees, but money from his bank account as well.

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