A ram escaped from his grazing area at the local farm owned by our client the farmer and trotted into a nearby village to explore. Whilst on his travels through the gardens of the village he caught sight of his reflection in a glass patio door.

Thinking this was a ‘friend’ he attacked the door, which shattered and broke. Continuing the search for his ‘friend’ he also damaged the carpet.

In an effort to maintain good relations with his neighbour, the farmer (our policyholder) told the home owner to proceed with the necessary work to repair and replace the damage, he would cover the cost and claim it back.

Luckily the farmer had Third Party Liability insurance as part of his household policy and was able to make a successful claim to reimburse the property owner for the full cost of the damage.

The farmer didn’t have to do a thing, as the D E Ford claims handler liaised with the insurance company on his behalf and negotiated full reimbursement of the repair costs.

Happy home owner, happy farmer but unhappy ram with a sore head.

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