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Wham, Bam…Thank You Ram

A ram escaped from his grazing area at the local farm owned by our client the farmer and trotted into a nearby village to explore. Whilst on his travels through the gardens of the village he caught sight of his reflection in a glass patio door. Thinking this was a ‘friend’ he attacked the door, […]

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The Beauty of Business Interruption

Among our many clients is a beauty therapist who is heavily reliant on a vast array of highly technical equipment to carry out its day-to-day business. This includes a sophisticated laser hair removal machine which is used daily for many of their long-standing customers. Unfortunately when our client’s laser hair removal machine recently suffered a […]

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trashed kitchen

The (Not So) Clean Getaway

As most landlords will no doubt have experienced, tenants will not be as concerned with the upkeep of a property as a home owner. Recently, a landlord (our policyholder) experienced an extreme example of this lack of care, where a tenant had not only left the property with rent in arrears, but also left it […]

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man walking with a crutch

Rehabilitation – The Benefits

A young university student, working in the summer break at one of our clients premises, was injured on site by falling machinery. He suffered a serious injury, a broken leg which would likely delay his return to academia. D E Ford ensured that insurers intervened early to appoint a rehabilitation expert so that treatment could start at the earliest opportunity and maximise the chances of success. As part […]

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slipping on snow slippery steps

Left Out in the Cold

Having a received a claim from an ex-employee who allegedly slipped on some icy steps during the course of her working day some considerable time after the accident, our client was struggling to provide the necessary information to the insurers. Unfortunately, like many clients, no contemporaneous records of the accident had been made nor any documents which identified and managed the risk […]

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woman staring out of window at rain

It’s Raining, it’s Pouring…but We’re NOT Snoring

D E Ford placed the household insurance for one of our High Net Worth clients with a leading insurer who has a faultless reputation when handling claims. This is now proving to be invaluable to the client as they have very recently had to make a claim on their policy Unfortunately due to the very […]

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hand written ledger

How Far Can you Trace Your Insurance History

Our client thought nothing of submitting a new formal claim for noise induced hearing loss brought by an employee who worked for Alpha Engineering, a company that they had acquired in the 1990s. The employee had joined the company in 1963 and worked for the majority of his working life. In order to handle a […]

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Bicycle thief

Gone For Good…But Replaced as Quickly

Nigel didn’t always leave his bike in the same cycle shed at work and whilst he was pretty certain he had left it in the right hand one, it wasn’t there now. Doubt crept into his mind alongside hope that it hadn’t really been stolen but he’d just left it in another rack. He checked the remaining racks, all hope disappeared. Just one more place […]

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HGV motorway

Claim that Fell off the Back of a Lorry

It can be quite common amongst our clients who have large vehicles on their fleet to receive vague allegations that an “unknown item” has fallen from a vehicle and collided with another vehicle behind. Sometimes this is even when our client’s vehicle wasn’t in the area… It would appear they may be performing magic tricks! […]

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Passengers at train station

Helping Hands

The gentleman was in his early thirties, smartly dressed and quietly spoken. He asked for directions to Platform 7. Happy to oblige, Mr C put his overnight bag on the floor and in his usual way gave the polite stranger directions to platform 7, gesticulating wildly as he did so. His wife and travelling companion, Mrs C smiled knowingly and, used […]

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hotel safe and jewellery

Keeping You Safe When You’re Abroad

For our commercial clients an additional cover available is a director’s personal travel policy. Under the benefits of such cover, Mr Brown and his wife flew out to Denver, Colorado for a holiday and checked into a luxury hotel. Once in their room they noticed that the room did not contain a safe and that […]

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Going the Whole Hog

A client who operates a small visitor attraction on their beautiful abbey grounds which includes farm animals, recently informed us of an incident involving a visitor and a rather hungry pig. The story begins in the visitor’s shop where there are various feeds for sale so that patrons may hand-feed the animals as part of […]

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Cutting down a tree with a chainsaw

The Rogue Lumberjack

Late one evening, the neighbour of one of our policyholders decided to carry out some heavy duty garden maintenance, this involved the attempted felling of two trees within the boundaries of our policyholder’s land, which the neighbour believed to be causing satellite signal issues.  The neighbour appeared to believe that the removal of two trees would […]

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Taking pictures with phone at scene of car accident

Strike a Pose! The Importance of Taking Photographs at the Scene of a Motor Accident

With increased road users come increased road incidents. Whether clients have small or large fleets, drivers especially on the motorway can be prone to the odd bump or two. With premiums on the rise drivers may also not like to admit to causing an incident. We at D E Ford always endeavour to get the […]

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Aerial view of flooded town

The Calm After the Storm

The following is a brief account of how we recently helped a York client in the education sector who was in dire straits after a large part of their buildings were struck by a freak localised flood: 9.00am – The insured puts in a call to advise us of the occurrence and to request our urgent […]

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D E Ford Insurance Brokers is Part of the PIB Group, as part of our response to the Coronavirus pandemic we have set up a dedicated microsite with advice on a range of insurance and business subjects, including information regarding if you find yourself in temporary financial difficulties, click here to visit the site.

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