Stockpiling over Brexit Fears? Make sure you inform your Broker

We work with many businesses and it is clear that, as the uncertainty over Brexit doesn’t seem to be going away quickly, that some businesses are looking to stockpiling raw materials and goods, indeed many are already doing so and have been for some time. In terms of robustly protecting the business, this would initially appear […]

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Don’t wait until it’s too late – Brexit Travel Update

With the UK’s exit from the EU dominating the news most days, there are many areas which remain uncertain, one of which being the potential impact around your motor insurance policy. I am sure most of you read the detail of your insurance policy and as such, you will be aware that most UK issued […]

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Storm Caroline and winter weather advice

Staying safe on the roads this winter

Last year’s ‘Beast from the East’ brought travel chaos to the UK, as snow and freezing temperatures impacted both roads and public transport.  Are you prepared if a similar cold snap returns this year?  Reminding both yourself and your employees of the simple measures to take whilst driving in freezing temperatures can help to reduce […]

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Avoiding a Christmas Claim

As we enter the final few days before Christmas if you are anything like me you will be preoccupied with last minute gift buying, making sure the Christmas food order is complete and planning festive arrangements with friends and family. Many of us wish for a fall of snow to really make the festive season, […]

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bonfire night

Preparing for Bonfire and Firework Events

And so the firework season begins… Fireworks are now used widely across many public, corporate and charity events throughout the season and well into the New Year. If you or your organisation are holding a public or private event where fireworks will be used, it is important to remind those involved of some simple precautions […]

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Make sure your charity is protected from Financial Fraud and Cyber Crime

Financial crime is becoming an ever more present risk with fraudsters sending out a high number of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses every day. These take many formats, perhaps a supposed supplier apparently changing their bank details or an email purporting to be from your CEO requesting an urgent payment. Telephone based […]

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Protecting your assets

Without entering in to a debate around the nature of the consumerism led, capitalist society that we live in, how much of our time do we dedicate to work and the accumulation of money to pay for our houses and everything that goes inside it. It strikes me that we spend the first six or […]

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Engineering Inspection – ‘A Common Mistake’

Not a week seems to go by when I don’t explain the difference between ‘servicing’ and ‘statutory inspection’ in relation to items of plant. There is often confusion within organisations as to whether they are having items inspected in accordance with Legislation or not. Many organisations believe that they are adhering to the Legislation when […]

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Cyber crime, don’t get caught out!

Cyber crime seems to be the phrase on the lips of many involved in IT and indeed many who aren’t. We have all seen the high profile cases in the press involving multi-national organisations and the attacks they are faced with. Cyber Crime has now overtaken physical theft as the most common criminal offence in […]

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Reducing the cost of whiplash claims

Don’t Be Driven to Distraction

75% of all collisions occur at speeds of less than 20 miles per hour, in city traffic, with many being associated with rear-end collisions.* A common cause of these crashes is driver distraction, which, in the age of mobile technology, is only getting more prevalent. A lot of these low-speed collisions are also associated with […]

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