Mark Eastwood, Senior Employee Benefit Consultant at D E Ford Insurance Brokers

Interest Rate Increase for the first time in 10 Years

We had an interesting announcement on Thursday the 2nd November 2017 when the bank’s nine-strong Monetary Policy Committee voted for a quarter point rise in the base interest rate to 0.5%. The bank has moved to curtail inflationary pressure which, rightly or wrongly has been largely and commonly attributed to last years Brexit vote and […]

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Charity Fraud Awareness Week 2017

Make sure your charity is protected from Financial Fraud and Cyber Crime

Financial crime is becoming an ever more present risk with fraudsters sending out a high number of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses every day. These take many formats, perhaps a supposed supplier apparently changing their bank details or an email purporting to be from your CEO requesting an urgent payment. Phone based […]

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Storm Advice

Storm advice

As we enter that time of year where our weather can become more problematic the current weather conditions could have a huge impact on homes, properties and businesses. Below is some advice on how to be prepared and what you need to do in the unfortunate event of any damage to your property. Be prepared Securely fasten all […]

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Preparing for Bonfire and Firework Events

Preparing for Bonfire and Firework Events

As autumn falls, the firework season begins. Fireworks are now used widely across many public, corporate and charity events throughout the season and well into the New Year. If you or your organisation are holding a public or private event where fireworks will be used, it is important to remind those involved in some simple […]

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Ford Risk Management, Wendy Emery, Risk Manager

Does your organisation have the correct fire safety measures in place? By Risk Manager, Wendy Emery

Fires are a serious risk for organisations of all types. It’s up to you as the business owner/employer to take the correct precautions to keep yourself and your co-workers safe from fire hazards and protect your business in terms of property and reputation. You are responsible for fire safety in a business or other non-domestic […]

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The Dangers of Being Underinsured by Zach Gray

How many of us can answer ‘yes’ honestly to the question of whether we check the small print of our insurance policies. With (hopefully!) seventy years to spend on this planet, the prospect of another 90 seconds on this article doesn’t sound like time well spent but bear with me on this. Look at this […]

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Employee Benefits, D E Ford Insurance Brokers

Protecting employees can help protect your business by Jason Crowther, Senior Employee Benefit Consultant at D E Ford

Most, if not all, businesses ensure they have the correct insurance to protect their property, machinery, fleet etc, but what do you have in place for protecting one of the most important cogs in the wheel; your employees? I’m not just talking about cost effective life cover that would support a young family in the […]

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Jason Crowther, Senior Employee Benefit Consultant at D E Ford Insurance Brokers (PIB Group Ltd)

Employee Benefits by Jason Crowther, Senior Employee Benefit Consultant

Over the years I have met a wide range of Business Owners and Boards of Directors who run companies with an annual turnover ranging from £100,000 to many millions of pounds, with just a handful of staff locally to many thousands of employees in locations across the globe. Most involved in running a business accept […]

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Employee Benefits

York Insurance Broker Extends their Product Offering

Expanding local insurance broker D E Ford has recently welcomed two Senior PIB Employee Benefits consultants to their offices in York. Mark Eastwood and Jason Crowther will work alongside the existing D E Ford team providing Employee Benefits services. The move is a result of the continued investment in the organisation by the PIB Group, […]

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Wake-up call on cyber threats

Wake-up call on cyber-threats, My View…By Zach Gray

It can’t have escaped your notice that the news is alive with stories of a global cyber attack. At the time of writing the attack has been felt in over 150 countries with our National Health Service being one of those organisations affected. As someone who is simply delighted to successfully switch my computer on in […]

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