John Goodacre, Commercial Account Executive at D E Ford Insurance Brokers

Is your organisation GDPR ready? by John Goodacre, Account Executive

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard something about GDPR and that it will be coming into effect next month on the 25th May. But what does this mean for your organisation and what should you be doing going forwards? Put quite simply, it could mean a change in the ways in which you collect, […]

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Flood advice

Given the current rain the country has seen it is important to stay safe and ensure that your homes, properties and businesses are protected. Preparing for these weather conditions can reduce the damage to your property and business as well as save lives. If you live or have a property in a flood risk area, […]

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Winter weather advice and making a claim

As Storm Emma continues to hit the country, frequent, heavy snow showers are set to affect southern and central Scotland over the next 24 hours, continuing to cause significant disruption to transport. The rest of the UK is also warned that there are snow warnings as snow showers continue to move in from the North […]

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John Goodacre, Commercial Account Executive at D E Ford Insurance Brokers

Cyber and Crime policies are you clear on what they cover? by John Goodacre

In a world where we have become so heavily reliant on computers it is no surprise that criminals have turned to cyber-crime, where they can commit an act from the comfort of their own home, hiding in the anonymity of cyber space. In 2015, cyber-crime was included in the UK national statistics for the first […]

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GDPR Countdown - Are you ready?

GDPR Countdown – Are you ready? By Zach Gray

GDPR looks set to become the most used acronym of 2018 and by all accounts, this will be well before it comes into effect on 25th May this year. Without becoming too entrenched in the detail, GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation) will replace the Data Protection Act of the mid 90’s. It will place […]

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Storm Caroline and winter weather advice

Winter storm advice and what to do in the event of making a claim

With bad weather and storms set to hit the UK it is important for you and your business to be prepared.   Below is some advice on how to prepare and what you need to do in the unfortunate event of any damage to your property, business or vehicle. Be prepared Securely fasten all doors and windows […]

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Avoiding claims over the festive period

The Festive Season is upon us and many are still preoccupied with the last minute shopping for gifts, cooking the perfect turkey, attending parties and planning those journeys to see friends and family over the holiday period. Without wishing to sound like the insurance equivalent of Ebenezer Scrooge, this is the time of year when […]

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Mark Eastwood, Senior Employee Benefit Consultant at D E Ford Insurance Brokers

Interest Rate Increase for the first time in 10 Years

We had an interesting announcement on Thursday the 2nd November 2017 when the bank’s nine-strong Monetary Policy Committee voted for a quarter point rise in the base interest rate to 0.5%. The bank has moved to curtail inflationary pressure which, rightly or wrongly has been largely and commonly attributed to last years Brexit vote and […]

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Charity Fraud Awareness Week 2017

Make sure your charity is protected from Financial Fraud and Cyber Crime

Financial crime is becoming an ever more present risk with fraudsters sending out a high number of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses every day. These take many formats, perhaps a supposed supplier apparently changing their bank details or an email purporting to be from your CEO requesting an urgent payment. Phone based […]

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Storm Advice

Storm advice

As we enter that time of year where our weather can become more problematic the current weather conditions could have a huge impact on homes, properties and businesses. Below is some advice on how to be prepared and what you need to do in the unfortunate event of any damage to your property. Be prepared Securely fasten all […]

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