We are a growing company and we value input from all our staff to ensure we continue to grow our efforts to be a responsible organisation. Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee is represented by staff from all areas of our business, as we believe everyone’s opinion counts.

We want to have an impact in our community and we are involved in a number of charitable and environmental initiatives to ensure that we do.

We don’t just want to make a charitable donation, we want to also provide our experience, our time and our knowledge to help local community projects and charitable organisations.

Each year our employee’s will vote to nominate a local charity to support and channel our energies into. This will be marked through ‘monthly dress down Friday’s, enjoyable fundraising events and professional support for the nominated charity.

We will strive to excel in all that we do and exceed expectations of those whom we interact upon. Through innovation and the highest ethical principles we propose
to prioritise our responsibilities in the following core areas:

• Our Economy
• Our People
• Our Community
• Our Environment

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